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Chapati.info is one of a kind when spoken about Indian Bread, this platform provides a lot of information on the varieties of Indian bread or chapatis. The management team headed by Bristi Koley & Arijit Koley, are consisting of all different food enthusiasts brought under a single platform. These are a bunch of people who revoked their white-collar contracts just to persuade the passion within. They bring to you the authentic Indian bread with not only the rich aroma and delightful taste, but also super soft touch feels.

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The platform Chapati.info is your one-shot destination if you desire for mouthwatering Indian bread so-called chapatis and roti’s under diverse tongues. Let us help you pamper your body with the healthy and nutritious Indian cuisine. Chapatis are something not only famous in India but also an integral part of other South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These bread are also seen in the African heritage in places like the Caribbean and East Africa. We assure to lure your neighbour’s with the scent of Indian heritage.

The chapati.info team are dedicatedly working on making an ecosystem where the whole world can understand Indian bread or chapatis and have the pleasure of baking them right on their ovens. We assure you to provide every single information on the making of chapatis and enjoying them with the right set of side dishes. You also get a section which talks about the complete recipes of different chapatis and side dishes. Once you are sure to bake or cook a specific product you can jump to the recipe section which now provides you with the information on making them yourselves. The recipe section is designed in such a manner that even a noob could make the best out of it, whereas we consider you are a gem of a foodie. 

Readers get your toque’s and tie your apron’s and lets together make chapatis, rich food in terms of carbs, proteins and fibres. Let your homes be scented by the plush aroma of Indian cultural food, and you make your first Indian traditional dish. Chapatis aside we also have colossal numbers of side dishes and varieties of recipes directly from the Indian grandmother’s kitchen, where we showcase the Indian cuisines. You can subscribe to our newsletters today to get your inbox filled with a bunch of fingers licking Indian cuisine.

Let us all be a part of the community spreading the Indian cultural food, and we assure to make you are part of this rich Indian chapati heritage. Let us pledge to make our tummy and tongue feel better and finer in terms of healthy, nutritious and tasty food.

We made Chapatis, Cheers!

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