Desiccated coconut Halwa Recipe

Desiccated coconut Halwa Recipe is also known as nariyal ka halwa recipe . It is an Indian dessert that is loved by most of the Indians. It takes almost 11 to 15 minutes to prepare and it takes almost 11 to 15 minutes to cook. It is delicious and healthy to have. It is a sweet dish which is made  of coconuts. Kids are fond of this dish. This dish can be made on a special occasion like birthdays and anniversary. Coconut halwa is a Jain recipe and this halwa is served mostly on a special occasion like birthdays, anniversary, buffets and festivals. This recipe is necessary to try for the ones who love sweet foods. It is so delicious that people will want to eat it repeatedly.

Coconut Halwa Recipe

This desiccated coconut Halwa recipe will be good for cherishing memories with families and friends. This Indian dish has gained much popularity among people in India. This is the perfect dessert after an awesome meal. It is guaranteed that people will love this dish because it has such a unique taste that people love to have it. Kids are so fond of this dish. Coastal cuisine of India loves coconut.  Therefore, this is most famous among the south Indians especially in Malwani, Karnataka, Tamilian or from Kerela. In south India, the coconut is of premium quality. Coconut halwa is a very healthy dish that is rich in protein and calories. This dish is very easy to make and it does not take much time to be prepared and cooked. It will hardly take 30 minutes to get ready. It is rich with ghee, nuts, saffron that makes it even tastier with healthy.

A desiccated coconut Halwa  is made up of freshly grated coconut or dried coconut pieces that contain nuts, milk, pistachios, almonds that give a unique flavour that is loved by almost everyone. No one can resist this dish after trying it once people will crave for more and more. It is possible to purchase this halwa from the sweet shop too. It is delicious and is best because it does not have any vegetable oil, preservatives. It is a very rich combination of coconut, nuts, milk, and ghee that it gives an unforgettable flavour that can be garnished adding more different kinds of nuts and saffron to make it taste even good and crunchy at the same time. It better not to use unsalted butter otherwise it can ruin the taste of the halwa and make it a bit salty.

Ingredients for desiccated coconut Halwa Recipe

  • Freshly scrapped coconut of 1 cup
  • 2-tablespoon ghee
  • 8-tablespoon sugar or sugar free sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon of green cardamom powder
  • Chopped pistachios of 10-12 for garnishing
  • 1-tablespoon warm milk dissolved with saffron strands
  • 2-tablespoon milk
  • Chopped cashew nuts of 10-12 garnished
  • Chopped almonds of 10-12 garnished


Soak almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios in the warm water. After it is moist, remove the skin of the almonds. The dry fruits will become soft. Grind the pistachios, cashew nuts and almonds along with the coconut will a little bit of warm water to make it a paste. Add sugar in the kadhai, mix it well with water, and keep on stirring it on a less or a medium flame.

Stir it and make it of one string consistency it should not break in between while pouring from height, it should pour in one flow without breaking. Add some ground paste to the mixture, mix it very well in a very less flame, and keep stirring it. Keep checking the pan to check if the halwa is not sticking in the pan. Add milk and saffron and mix it very well so that the colour of the halwa turns into a saffron colour. Add some ghee to the halwa for a better taste until the mixture leaves from the side of the pans. Turn off the flame, add one tablespoon of ghee again and stir it for about 3 to 4 minutes, and keep stirring it until it is blended very well.


Make sure that while using butter use unsalted butter otherwise it can ruin the taste of the halwa. Putting nuts is optional, any nuts and dry fruits can be put according to the taste preferences. This halwa can be kept for a few days if it is stored in an airtight container and a refrigerator. It is important to check it repeatedly to make sure that the halwa is not stocked in the pan. It should be kept in mind that the halwa has a string like consistency it should not be.