Jowar Roti Recipe or jowar roti recipe step by step

Masala Jowar roti is made from jowar and it is a millet variety made that is gluten-free. Masala jowar roti is considered the traditional breakfast across the part of Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka. The jowar roti is also known as the farmer’s breakfast as they have to work all day long on the field and the roti provides a rich source of fibre and provides strength to work all day long.

The jowar roti can be prepared in both a simple way and adding the masala to the roti for a good taste and serving to the customer at the restaurant or the guests at home. The jowar roti is famous in all the northern parts of Karnataka and holds a special place in South Indian households. The roti is also famous in the parts of Rajasthan and enjoyed by many because of the taste and its rich source of fiber makes a perfect breakfast for different households.

: The masala jowar roti preparation process does not require many ingredients and can be easily prepared; it does not require much skills and practice to make the masala jowar roti. The household of Northern Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra enjoy preparing the roti and serving their families, they believe the food is a part of the culture and everybody should know how to prepare it.

Masala Jowar roti


The masala jowar roti can be shaped with the hand and do not require a rolling pin for the shape to be formed. The ingredients added on the roti make it tastier and it can be shaped through a banana leaf or a parchment paper. The detailed ingredients, its making process and other recipes are mentioned in the topic for clear understanding and are widely discussed below.


To make a Masala Jowar Roti

  1. Total preparation time: (26-30 minutes)
  2. Total cook time: (26-30 minutes)
  • Total Preparation: (45 minutes)

Ingredients used in the preparation of Masala Jowar Roti

  1. Jowar/Sorghum flour: Total of 2 cups
  2. Whole wheat flour: ½ cup flour
  • Onions: ½ cup finely chopped onions
  1. Cucumber: ½ grated cucumbers
  2. Carrot: ½ grated carrots
  3. Green chili: Finely chopped green chili 1tbsp
  • Coriander: Freshly chopped coriander 2tbsp
  • Curry leaves: A sprig of curry leaves
  1. Sesame seeds: sesame seeds of 2tbsp
  2. Cumin powder: roasted cumin powder of ½ tbsp
  3. Salt: As required
  • Oil: Refined oil for frying purposes
  • Masala Jowar roti


Methods for the preparation of Masala Jowar roti recipe

  1. The first step in the preparation of masala jowar roti recipe starts with the process of mixing bowl and adding all the essentials on it
  2. Add the jowar flour in the mixing bowl and add 1tbsp of salt as required according to the shape and size of the roti
  3. The next step includes the addition of finely chopped onions and green chilies, both onions and chillies must be properly washed and added
  4. Add the remaining ingredients that include coriander leaves and curry leaves in the mixture bowl for further processing
  5. After adding all the ingredients the mixture should be mixed properly so that all the ingredients are mixed properly
  6. Add warm water and make a smooth and a soft dough out of the mixture
  7. After all the above process let the mixture rest for about 10-15 minutes and after some time it is ready for the tempering process

Tempering process for the preparation of Masala jowar roti recipe

  1. After the above process of mixing the ingredients properly the smooth and soft dough is ready for the tempering process and ready to be served
  2. The dough prepared from the mixture should be divided into the equal size balls
  3. The tawa should be prepared for the mixture to be fried
  4. The temperature should be placed in a medium to medium-low heat
  5. Pour down a oil in the tawa and heat it for about 1-2 minutes
  6. After the above process take one ball from the dough and place it on the tawa
  7. The fingers should be wet to spread the dough and make a bhakri
  8. The next step includes the tawa to be heated on the medium flame and sprinkle the oil on the sides of the bhakri
  9. As soon as the roti is placed in the tawa and started to turn brown in color then you can flip it and cook it by covering the tawa for 2-3 minutes
  10. The roti should be flipped over and over for both the sides to be cooked properly
  11. The jowar roti is ready to be served and further on the tawa can be used for other remaining dough to repeat the process and make another masala jowar roti
  12. Nutritious and a healthy Jowar roti is ready to be served with chutney or curd according to the choices

Notes for Masala Jowar Roti recipe

  1. The correct measurement of the flour and essential ingredients required in the masala jowar roti should be estimated properly
  2. The heating process and usage of refined oil in the roti should be measured properly for the frying purposes
  3. Add warm water so that it brings out the stickiness from the dough so they can hold together to make the Rotis later on when it is patted
  4. The ingredients in the mixture should be added properly, the usage of unwanted ingredients makes the Rotis taste worse
  5. Instead of cucumber the other grated vegetables like carrot, spinach, and capsicum should be added
  6. The Tawa can be cooled off easily by placing in the water and repeat the process of making another jowar roti in tawa
  7. It can be served hot with chutney, raita or a pickle

Nutritional facts

  1. Calories: 295 per serving
  2. Carbohydrates: 58g per serving
  • Sodium: 18mg per serving
  1. Sugar: 2mg per serving
  2. Potassium: 266mg per serving
  3. Fiber: 4g per serving
  • Protein: 9g per serving
  • Calcium: 31mg per serving
  1. Vitamin C: 2.8mg per serving
  2. Iron: 3.2mg per serving
  3. Vitamin A: 1350IU per serving
  • Fat: 3g per serving