Lachha Paratha

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Lachha Paratha is famous in India and considered the important food in Indian households and restaurants in the country. The Laccha paratha was originated from the state of Punjab and most of the households in the state know to prepare the paratha. The paratha is famous in Indian Punjabi restaurants and can be taken as a breakfast in the morning as well.

The term “Lachha” is derived from the Punjabi word meaning a ring and therefore the dough is rolled into a ring shape and further on it is layered with essential oil for the multi-layered process of paratha. The Laccha paratha can be served with curd, meat and vegetable gravies or curries, the making process requires good experience to make it crispy and perfect. The size and its shape should be perfect to meet the expectations of the customer if it is being served in the Indian restaurant.

Lachha paratha is a famous flatbread in India with multiple layers that is crispy in the outside and very soft in the interiors of paratha. Lachha paratha is considered to be very famous in North India and the paratha is available in every Indian Punjabi restaurant the vendors in Delhi include parathas for their customers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Lachha paratha is included among all the other parathas in dhabas and other restaurants.

The making process of Laccha paratha totally depends upon the rolling of the dough balls and in the right way. The combination with both meat and vegetable curries are a good choice as it increases the taste and can enjoy the meal. The recipe and ingredients required in the making process of the Lachha paratha area discussed below. The procedures for making a dough and tempering process are also included.

Lachha Paratha

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To make a Lachha Paratha

  1. Time for the preparation: (40 minutes)
  2. Total cook time: (10 minutes)
  3. Total preparation: (50 minutes)

Ingredients used in the preparation of Lachha Paratha

Preparation of dough for Laccha paratha

  1. The total of 1 cup of atta or wheat flour is required
  2. Maida/ all-purpose flour or plain flour of 1 cup
  3. Add a ¾ tbsp of salt
  4. Add 1tbsp of sugar in the bowl mixture
  5. Take a little amount of baking soda


  1. Adding 2tbsp of refined oil
  2. ½ cup of warm milk
  3. A half glass of water if required for the kneading process

Methods for preparation

Recipe for dough in the preparation of Lachha Paratha

  1. The first step included in the preparation of dough includes the adding up of wheat flour and maida in a large bowl for the mixture process
  2. The second step includes the addition of sugar, salt, a pinch of baking soda and a little amount of tap form the refined oil
  3. After the first two steps, the mixture process begins and it should be well crumbled with the hand for better mixing of the ingredients added on it
  4. The kneading process should be started with an addition of milk in the mixture
  5. If required the water should be added in the mixture and try to mix it properly until it gets a smooth and soft dough
  6. The next step includes the covering up with a moist cloth and rest it for 25-30 minutes

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Recipe for the preparation of Lachha Paratha

  1. The preparation of balls should be made from the dough and flatten it for the rolling purposes
  2. Sprinkle some wheat flour on the balls
  3. After sprinkling, roll it with a rolling pin a thin circle and makes thin as possible as chapathi
  4. Add some oil and start greasing the chapathi as well as sprinkle some flour on it
  5. The next step includes creating pleats with the help of fingers
  6. The dough should be expanded as much as possible
  7. After that, the pleated dough should be rolled properly in a good shape and size like a Swiss roll
  8. The pleated edges of the roti should be rolled tightly

After the above process start a light dust with the flour and start rolling to make round parathas of about 5-6 inches in diameter

Lachha Paratha

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Tempering process of Lachha Paratha 

  1. The tawa should be placed at a good temperature and should be heated properly after that place the paratha on the tawa
  2. After it turns the paratha on the other side when it starts to cook and apply ghee and cook for about 1-2 minutes
  3. The next step includes to turn the paratha on the other side and again apply ghee on it
  4. After the above process is complete flip the parathas for a couple of times of the tawa until the paratha starts to get a brown color and press the sides equally with the spatula
  5. Roast both the sides for a better taste and add ghee on both sides
  6. The next step includes the crushing of paratha to form layers
  7. Lachha paratha is ready to be served with Indian gravies

Notes for Laccha paratha recipe

  1. The dough should be smooth and soft for the preparation of balls and for the further rolling process
  2. The rolling process should be properly done in a good shoe and shape and size
  3. The preparation of paratha shall be done with the wheat flour for a more healthy diet
  4. To taste it better add ghee oil while roasting the paratha in the Tawa and add some chat masala when it is ready to be served on the top of it
  5. The temperature for the heating process should be kept at a medium or else the paratha might burn and don’t taste well

Nutritional facts

  1. Calories: 224kcal per serving
  2. Fat: 16.5g per serving
  3. Carbohydrates: 17.2g per serving
  4. Potassium: 21mg per serving
  5. Protein: 2.9mg per serving
  6. Sodium: 239mg per serving
  7. Saturated fat: 6g per serving
  8. Cholesterol: 21mg per serving
  9. Sugar: 1.7g per serving
  10. Fiber: 1.5g per serving