Makki ki roti is the flatbread that is prepared with the cornflour and served with Sarson da saag. It is popular in Punjab and mostly prepared in winters accompanied with saag, butter, and buttermilk. Maki ka atta is cornmeal that is obtained by grounding the dried maize. It is grounded at a medium-size but not as a finely soft as wheat flour. The main ingredient is the yellow flour for this recipe.

Makki ki roti

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It is prepared by flattening the cornflour into a round shape, which is done by continuously pressing it between palms in a circular motion and then it is baked on a hot Tawa. It is not easy to make a round shape, requires some practice because the maize flour consists less amount of gluten, and sticks a lot. The plastic sheet technique is used to overcome these types of problems and allows it to roll more easily. Coriander leaves and carom seeds are used to add a tasty flavor in the recipe. The preparation time for this recipe is 5minutes and cooking time is 15 minutes. It is important to measure all the ingredients properly, as it provides the best cooking results. Measuring cups can be used for adding the required amount of ingredients in the recipe and this makes the cooking easier.

Ingredients for preparing Makki ki roti

Maize flour 1½ cups (Makai Atta)

Coriander leaves (finely chopped) or radish (grated) 2 tablespoons

Carom seeds 1 teaspoon

Warm water as required

Red chilli powder

Salt to taste

Ghee or Oil

Makki ki roti

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Methods used for preparing Makki ki roti

  1. Shift the maize flour (as required) in a large bowl. The maize flour should be yellow.
  2. After that, add finely chopped carom seeds, coriander leaves and salt. Mix it well and add warm water to make a smooth dough, which can be done by pressing with soft hands.
  3. The next process is to make round shape balls after dividing it into small equal portions. The technique of a plastic bag is used to roll the ball more easily. Take a plastic zip-lock bag, put one ball over it, and place the bag on a rolling board. At the same time, start heating tawa.
  4. After placing the ball into the plastic bag, press it with palm and make it flatten. Then gently roll the ball into a thick round shape.
  5. After making a thick round shape of the ball, remove the plastic and gently shift the flattered bread ball over your palm.
  6. Now place the rolled roti overheated tawa and put a few drops of oil over it. Then again, after a few minutes flip the rolled roti and follow the same procedure.
  7. Cook the rolled roti for few minutes until light brown spots on both sides appear.
  8. Transfer the roti in a plate and after that spreading butter over it. Serve it with Sarson da saag. It needs to be served hot, as it becomes chewy once it cools down.

Nutrition available in Makki ki roti

Consuming Makki ki roti is good for health, as one roti provides 90 calories. It is a healthy food, as maize flour is a carbohydrate and energy-rich flour contained with fiber. Maize flour helps prevent the blood sugar from rising, and it is loaded with zinc that is essential for the formation of insulin. Makki ki roti is good for diabetics and heart patients. Makki ki roti contains vitamin C and rich in antioxidants and fiber, and it is usually taken in the winter season. Corn contains carbohydrates and it is god for health and contains a very less amount of fat. Makki ka atta is considered healthy as compared to wheat atta, as it is enriched with numerous proteins and vitamins. Makki (Corn) has vitamins A, C, K and selenium that are beneficial in the functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland maintains and regulates the temperature of the body for the proper functioning of the body. Makki ki roti is a good source of zinc that is essential in the body for the functioning of enzymes. It is a good source of fiber so it good for weight loss and lowers blood cholesterol. It also contains vitamin-B that is beneficial for heart, brain, hair, skin and proper digestion. The nutrition’s that can be obtained by consuming Makki ki roti daily presents the following values:

Value per roti           % Daily values

Carbohydrates                                                                    14.4 g                              5%

Cholesterol                                                                          7.5 mg                             2%

Fiber                                                                                       1.4 g                                6%

Fat                                                                                           3.2 g                                5%

Energy                                                                                   90 cal                              4%

Protein                                                                                  1.3 g                                 2%

Makki ki roti

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Makki Atta is made up of corn kernels and has a yellow color, so do not use white corn flour, which is the same as starch that is used for thickening the soup. Use warm water while kneading the cornflour and little amount of oil can also be used to make the dough moist. It is important to remember that the tava needs to cool down before cooking out the next roti. If it is found difficult to make dough, you can add a little amount of wheat atta with makkai atta to make normal roti.