Pizza recipe (Chapati) is also called pizza paratha a Combined flavored chapati of two different nations-A chapati with the blend of the west so called chapati pizza, have them to experience two in one flavor.

Chapati Pizza

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Pizza recipe (chapati) is kind of beverage that is loved by the millions of people all around the world. The first pizza was originated from southern and central Italy. In the 18th century, the modern methods were used for preparing pizza by adding tomatoes and various other ingredients in it. Slowly different peoples from the different part of the world started eating pizza, and now it has become one of the most eaten foods all over the world.

There are various similar types of food eaten in a different part of the worlds like china (bing), India (paratha), central and south Asia (Naan). Chapatti pizza is also the type of pizza that represents the combination of Indian and Italian culture and taste. It is very easy to prepare chapatti pizza since there is no difference in the preparation process of the pizza however; some extra ingredient is added that provides the Indian touch in the pizza.

The extra ingredient, which is added in the pizza, is the chapatti itself. This makes it different from regular pizza. The preparation process of chapatti pizza is very easy since it does not require many ingredients and very easy to make. The main ingredients of preparing the chapatti pizza are the chapatti or Roti. The leftover chapatti is used for preparing chapatti pizza. The base of the pizza is made up of wheat flour, but for preparing chapatti, it cuts off the process of kneading and proofing the base of the pizza, thus it really saves a lot of time and gets ready in couples of minutes. Chapatti roti is one of the ideal snacks for children as well as adults. The thing that makes chapatti pizza different from the

Ingredients required for Pizza recipe (Chapati)

Butter – ½ tablespoon

Chapatti/ Roti (leftover) – 1

Pizza sauce- 4 tablespoon

Capsicum- few slices

Onions- 1 piece

Jalapeno- 6 slices

Spinach or palak- Chopped

Mozzarella cheese- ½ cup

Chili flakes- ½ tablespoon

Mixed herbs- ¼ tablespoon

Olives- 10 pieces

Salt – As required

Garlic- 12 tablespoon

Tomato- 1 piece

Wheat flour- 1 cup

Water – As required ,pizza is the base of the pizza since the base of the chapatti is flatter and thinner than the regular pizza.

Chapati Pizza


Preparation method of Pizza recipe (Chapati):

The preparation method of chapatti is very easy since there is no requirement for preparing the dough for the pizza since it will be replaced by the chapatti. To prepare chapatti first the pan or tawa is heated and ½ tablespoon of butter in added in it. It can also be prepared in oven based on preference. When the butter will start melting, the chapatti is added in the pan and flip until the both sides of the chapatti gets warm. After the chapatti is warmed, the flames should be off if the pizza is pared in tawa and 4-table spoon of pizza, sauce is added in the chapatti.

After properly spreading the pizza sauce over the chapatti, further topping are added for enhancing the taste of the pizza. The topping of Capsicum, Onions, Jalapeno, Spinach, Olives, tomato, Salt, are Garlic is added in the chapatti. After adding all these ingredients, the mozzarella cheese is added on the top of all these ingredients and after that, chili flakes and mixed herbs are added in the end. After adding every ingredient in the described order, the chapatti should be cooked until the cheese melts completely. If pizza is served directly after cooking then it tastes even better, if the pizza gets cold then it becomes hard and difficult to eat. The advantage of eating chapatti pizza is that it does not get hard since the base of the pizza is chapatti, which is way thinner and flatter than the regular pizza that prevents it for getting hard. The pizza tastes better if it is served with various sauces and mayonnaise.

There is another way of cooking chapatti pizza. under the first method of preparing chapatti pizza, the leftover chapatti is use for preparing the pizza, however if there is no leftover chapatti or you want a fresh for preparing the pizza then it is important to prepare the chapatti which will be the base of the chapatti pizza. To prepare chapatti, first the wheat flour and salt added in a bowl. After that, water is added as per the requirement and the dough is prepared. After properly kneading the dough, cover the dough and leave it for 30 minutes.

When the dough gets ready, then the balls are made based on serving. Then the wheat balls are rolled or flatten and then they are placed in the pan, when the one side of the chapatti is cooked then it is flipped to the other side. When both the sides of the chapatti gets cooked then the pizza sauce is added in the chapatti, along with the other ingredients like capsicum, Onions, Jalapeno, Spinach, Olives, tomato, Salt, are Garlic are added in the chapatti base. After that, mozzarella cheese is added and after that chili flakes and mixed herbs are added in the chapatti and then the chapatti is cooked until the cheese melts. When the pizza gets ready then it is cut into the slices and can be directly served.

Tempering the  pizza Chapati

Them tempering process of the chapatti pizza includes the whole process of preparing and making chapatti pizza under which chapatti is used as the base of the pizza. The whole process of the cooking is done over the base made of chapatti. It tastes better with the sauce and mayonnaise.


  • The bread can be used for getting the crispy crust in the pizza
  • The pizza can be cooked in the lower flame so that it will prevent the burning of the chapatti
  • Any extra veggies can be used for preparing the chapatti pizza
  • Fresh or leftover chapatti can be used for cooking the pizza


There are various nutrients in Pizza recipe(Chapati) since it includes, total carbohydrates of 59 grams, proteins 3 grams, fats 21 grams, fibre 4.45 grams, sodium 920 grams, calories 500 and sugar 8 grams per serving respectively.