Sweet Potato Kheer Recipe- Dessert that ends with a good meal when served with chapati

Sweet potato kheer is an Indian dessert made with grated sweet potatoes and milk. It is a very delicious dessert that is love loved by everyone and it is made a very special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, festival. Kheer is one of the most loved dishes in India in every function kheer is a love and a must dish in Indian culture. Sweet potato is also gluten-free and it is healthy. There is a different kind of kheer that is made with different ingredients and this is one of the most loved kheer in India, makes great match with chapati. This is one of the tuber vegetables so it is used in fasting as well. Kheer can also be made for fasting food recipes many people make kheer in their fasting. Including this sweet potato kheer, there is many kheers that are famous in India that are rice kheer, Vermicelli kheer, Sabudana kheer. People often mistake kheer with halwa because both are sweet and both are dessert. Kheer are most likely like a paste and halwa is drier than kheer. For Indian when they crave to have something sweet the first thing it strikes is kheer that is how much Indian people love kheer. On every occasion, they make kheer for something sweet. Sweet potato kheer is a kind of dish that can be made and eaten any time before or after a meal. Sweet potato kheer can also go with many other main-course dishes like dum aloo, aloo tikka, bhindi masala, sabudana khichdi, chapatti, and all these dishes go best in Hindu festivals. Sweet potato kheer by name we can make out that it is related to something sweet. This sweet potato mostly grows best at the end of winter, and then making sweet potato kheer is very famous, it is like welcoming spring. In this process of cooking grated sweet potato is cooked and made until it gets cotton soft.

sweet potato kheer

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Two cups of milk

Almonds up to 5-6 pieces that is sliced or chopped

1 tbsp ghee or an unsalted butter

Cashew nuts up to 5-6 pieces that is sliced or chopped

Sugar of 3-4 tbsp

Green cardamom seeds powder that is ¼ teaspoon

Saffron of 2-3 strands but are optional



Making of sweet potato kheer

First, wash the sweet potato thoroughly and then scrub it very well. Then peel off the skin of the sweet potato. Grate the sweet potato, it best work will the box grader. Keep the grated sweet potato into a container full of cold water until it is needed. It can also be used in a food processor for grading. Put ghee in a pan on a medium flame and after the ghee is hot put almonds and cashew nuts, fry the nuts until the colour turns light brown. Take out the nuts in a small plate or bowl and drain the excess ghee. Take out the sweet potato that was soaked in the water and squeeze it well until the water is completely out of the sweet potato. Add on the ghee and sweet potato and mix it well. Sauté and steam it for 3-4 minutes, after steam a soft texture in a sweet potato is noticed. Add some milk to the sweet potato it will add some simmer in the dish. Continue boiling the sweet potato in the milk for at least 8 to 10 minutes until the milk becomes thick. After the sweet potato becomes soft, add sugar to add some flavour mix it and cook it for almost 3 to 4 minutes. After some cardamom powder and saffron in the kheer and, mix it well and let it cook for almost one minute. After that, the kheer should be checked repeatedly for consistency when the kheer gets and check the kheer by pouring it from the above; if the kheer falls without breaking then it is ready to go. If the kheer is breaking then it is suggested to be cook for more and check until the kheer reaches its consistency. After the kheer is ready to turn off the stove and adds the fried almonds and cashew nuts to add flavor. This dish is a great dish when used as side dish with chapati.

Sweet Potato Kheer Recipe

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While making the sweet potato kheer avoid pouring too much water because it becomes too runny and watery. Keep the kheer in the medium flame and use a medium rava to thicken because the kheer should be thick and unbreakable. It the medium rava is not used than the kheer loses its consistency and it remains watery. The rava or sooji can be added without roasting it. After the rava is added to make sure, it is blended well otherwise, it will leave a non-forming lump that will ruin the consistency of the kheer. If the sweet potato is very sweet better check the sugar and should be very appropriate, or else it will be too sweet and it will not be able to eat well. On every occasion, they make kheer for something sweet. Sweet potato kheer can also go with many other main-course dishes like dum aloo, aloo tikka, bhindi masala, sabudana khichdi, chapatti, and all these dishes go best in Hindu festivals. The amount of the ghee should not be too much otherwise; it will leave a thick ladder of ghee that can be not so good for the stomach. Make sure the sweet potato is cooked well and it is moist before cooking. Avoid chopping the sweet potato because rather grate the sweet potato. Diabetic patients should avoid sweet potato kheer. Make sure the skin of the sweet potato should be pealed very well and should be very well because it grows underground and it can be muddy and can ruin the taste it is not rinsed well. This flame should in medium to low otherwise it can burn down, it is very important to boil it before adding milk because it needs to be soft before adding water otherwise the kheer will not go as good as it is expected. Then be ready to serve with various main course dishes like dum aloo, aloo tikka, and chapatti also called chapati.

Sweet Potato Kheer Recipe

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14.9 g Sugar, 2.7g Fiber, 259mg Potassium, 145 mg Sodium, 36 mg Cholesterol, 0g Trans-fat, 7.5g Saturated Fat, 15.1 g Fat, 10.8g Protein, 33.3g Carbohydrates, 298 kcal Calories